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STAND T45   

Stop ID fraud, by scanning ID documents in the 365id Scanner®. The 365id-scanner® only needs internet and power, is easy to install and use, comes with a low cost and without investments. You subscribe to the service and access a 365id Scanner®. Scan as much as you want for a fixed monthly fee!

Find out more at: www.365id.com




STAND E13 (3rd Floor)

4Plate is a manufacturer of standard and high security lamination plates with negative and positive elements such as MLI/CLI, micro text, braille, latent images, guilloches, patterns, 3D effect.
With three production sites in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, the company is fully integrated, from plate production to the engraving of security features, to plate surface treatments for anti-static properties as well as surface hardening.

Find out more at: www.4plate.de


A1 Security Print



STAND L15 (3rd Floor)

A1 Security Print provide security printing solutions to prevent forgery, tampering, or counterfeiting on sensitive documents. We work closely with our diverse range of customers to understand their individual challenges, and then recommend the most effective and appropriate mix of covert and overt security techniques to ensure that their document cannot be fraudulently reproduced or altered without detection.

Find out more at: www.a1securityprint.com


Access IS



STAND E21 (3rd Floor)

Access IS designs and manufactures innovative ePassport, eID and eDL readers for governmental and commercial applications. From the world’s smallest OEM OCR reader, to our advanced full-page passport reader, we have product for every application; including border control, immigration, document issuance, law enforcement, banking, retail, KYC or anti-money laundering.

Find out more at: www.access-is.com


Advanced Track & Trace



STAND E27 (3rd Floor)

Advanced Track & Trace® (ATT) is a technology company with expertise in anti-counterfeiting strategies, document and banknote security. ATT offers encoding solutions to identify, authenticate, track and protect products and documents. Based on public and private codes, as well as innovative materials, ATT solutions are quickly implemented and easily operated, thanks to software, hardware support and dedicated smartphone apps.

Find out more at: www.att-fr.com




STAND B18 (3rd Floor)

AdvanIDe – Advanced ID Electronics – is one of the leading semiconductor providers, focused on components for RFID transponders, chip cards and RFID readers and terminals.       

Find out more at: www.advanide.com


Agfa Materials



STAND L35 (3rd Floor)

Agfa develops, manufactures and markets products and solutions for a variety of Security applications. Agfa’s PETix portfolio includes printable and laser engraving PETF overlay films for the ID-card industry offering 10+ years durability. ABSOLUT-ID is Agfa’s roll-2-card solution with unique personalisation technology and modular security features. The software design and authentication solutions FORTUNA and ARZIRO complete Agfa’s Security portfolio.

Find out more at: www.agfa.com/idsecurity


Andrews & Wykeham

alt                                                alt

STAND C27 (3rd Floor)

Andrews & Wykeham is a traditional British company offering customised security solutions to discerning customers. We implement cutting edge holography, colourswitch, laser marking, security printing and microtaggant technologies to create a range of security products and components for the ID card, passport, banknote, document security, revenue protection and brand protection markets.

Find out more at: www.andrews-wykeham.co.uk


Angstrom Technologies


STAND C17 (3rd Floor)

Angstrom Technologies, Inc., founded in 1983, manufactures organic fluorescent pigments, fluorescence detection/measurement systems and provides custom document security solutions. Angstrom is co-exhibiting with DKSH, our new representatives in Europe. DKSH has an impeccable reputation in the secure document industry and embraces our confidentiality/chain of custody standards.

Find out more at: www.angtech.com


ANY Security Printing Company


ANY logo

STAND B13 (3rd Floor)

ANY Security Printing Company PLC is the leading security printing company in the CEE region. Hungarian biometric passports and 50 types of documents are personalised by ANY; it has the technological and professional background for production, personalisation of ePassports and visas. ANY produces the new Hungarian eID, launched on 1st January, 2016.

Find out more at: www.any.hu



Aratek Biometrics Technology


STAND M75 (5th Floor)

Identify with ease, secure with faith.
Aratek solves identity management challenges through biometrics; we empower customers to mitigate risk, drive productivity and improve service levels. Aratek is devoted to developing solutions that anticipate customer requirements with products and service of the highest quality through continuous research and development and dedicated technical support.

Find out more at: www.aratek.co




STAND M37  (5th Floor)

Under the brand name Securtack, Arconvert is internationally renowned as a reliable manufacturer of self-adhesive materials and gummed papers featuring security solutions for products widely used in the government and brand protection markets to overcome effectively issues of forgery, fraud and counterfeiting.

Find out more at: http://en.arconvert.it/products/securtack/securtack/




STAND B13 (3rd Floor)

ARH develops, manufactures and distributes leading-edge software and devices that process images and data for ID entry, verification and biometrics. The company’s identity document readers accurately collect data in a few seconds from a variety of sources, such as e-passports, driving licenses and visas in various applications.

Find out more at: www.arh.hu


Arjo Solutions

STAND A19 (3rd Floor)


Security expert, Arjo Solutions, designs and delivers solutions for physical and digital identification, authentication and traceability of products and documents to fight against fraud, counterfeiting and parallel markets.

Serving governments and private companies for over 15 years, Arjo Solutions is a major player in the protection of brands and their products, as well as securing governments products or documents.

Find out more at: www.arjo-solutions.com




alt                                         alt

STAND L27 (3rd Floor)

ART-Line Projekt GmbH – Expertise in Security and Printing!
We are an international consulting, engineering and trading company for the high security printing industry. Our knowhow is based on more than 25 years’ experience in the world of security printing. We assist the customer in setting up effective production systems with innovations, state-of-the-art equipment and materials to create new ideas together for future developments.

Find out more at: www.art-line-gmbh.com


Atlantic Zeiser


STAND G29 (3rd Floor)

The Atlantic Zeiser Group is a world leader in governmental and industrial high-security personalization, coding and mailing technologies, offering integrated system solutions for ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, health, voter, commercial cards and other security documents. We are specialized in applying variable data onto media – while ensuring full data and ID-personalization process integrity.

Find out more at: www.atlanticzeiser.com


ATP Adhesive Systems



STAND H12 (3rd Floor)

ATP specialises in the production of pressure-sensitive and heat-activated tapes and films up to 2200mm wide. ATP will show products employed in the production of brand protection, tamper-evident and vignette labels, holographic protection films and smart cards.
ATP offers customised adhesive developments and coatings onto customers own substrates.

Find out more at: www.atp-ag.com



Banknote Corporation of America, CCL secure


STAND M16 (5th Floor)

Banknote Corporation of America (BCA) is the largest US based high security printer providing turnkey solutions. BCA manufactures secured paper and polymer documents, identification, tax stamps and secured labels.  BCA is known for a full range of highly secured and unique capabilities including multi-color intaglio, foil/hologram application, and patented technologies

Find out more at: www.cclsecure.com



BG Ingénierie


STAND M33 (5th Floor)  

BG INGENIERIE is a producer of versatile equipment for the production, testing and personalization of cards, passports, SMD and eSIMs.
Our expertise includes:

  • Card manufacturing: manual and automatic equipment for prototypes, small and medium production;
  • Personalization: Chips, SMD, eSIMs programming, laser engraving;
  • Card and passport testing: CQM, ISO, ANSI, ICAO, interoperability;
  • Specific development around cards, eID, passport, YOURS…

Find out more at www.bginge.com



Bilcare Research


STAND B16 (3rd Floor)

Since 1953, Bilcare Research Card Solutions has been the number one manufacturer of innovative and durable core and overlay films for high-end financial cards, ID, Driving licenses, and ePassports.

Find out more at: www.bilcare.com


BN International


STAND G23 (3rd Floor)

Located in The Netherlands, BN International b.v. are a leading manufacturer of covering materials for the global market. BN International materials are produced especially for use in the world’s leading passport-covering production facilities, utilising either our textile, latex-saturated paper, or traditional paper-based substrates, which are naturally available in various colours and finishes.

Find out more at: www.bncovermaterials.com



Stand T39 (2nd Floor) 

BODEGA is a research project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. The project aims to develop an expertise about human factors and border crossing in light of increasingly 'smart' border systems, in order to enhance security and efficiency of border control procedures together with traveller satisfaction.   

Find out more at: http://bodega-project.eu




STAND C13 (3rd Floor)

Bürkle is specialized in the development and manufacture of high-tech laminating systems for the Plastic Card Industry. All renowned Plastic Card manufacturers are Bürkle customers. The range of capacity comprises designing, planning, manufacturing and commissioning, from the individual machine to the complete system solution.

Find out more: www.buerkle-gmbh.de   



Centro Grafico


STAND E17 (3rd Floor)

Centro Grafico DG offers innovative holographic security solutions. The company specializes in manufacturing high security holographic foils and laminates to protect banknotes, visas, ID cards and driving licenses. Centro Grafico has been accredited by government agencies for the production of national passports and also produces base films and foils to customer specifications.

Find out more at: www.centrograficodg.it





STAND F23 (3rd Floor)

We are a dynamic company offering innovative, unique, tailor-made security solutions to protect your values. Our solutions, developed by our research team, integrate security papers, validation instruments, security procedures and security print, together with a high level of creativity. Our unique, innovative SafeDoc solution protects your valuable documents against stealing, copying, scanning or destroying. SafeDoc contains our patented technology SelfProtect. We are creative for your safety!       

Find out more at: www.securitypapers.eu


Cetis d.d



STAND B11 (3rd Floor)

CETIS is one of the leading European companies in security printing products (such as biometric passports, ID documents, visas and vehicle permits) and comprehensive integrated solutions. With over 200 years of experience in printing CETIS is a reliable strategic partner to companies and governments on 4 continents.
Find out more at: www.cetis.si


Cognitec Systems GmbH


STAND F15 (3rd Floor)

Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technology and applications for enterprise and government customers around the world. Various independent evaluation tests have proven the premier performance of the FaceVACS® software. Cognitec’s portfolio includes products for facial image database search, video screening and analytics, border control, ICAO-compliant photo capturing and facial image quality assessment. Corporate headquarters are located in Dresden, Germany; other offices are in Miami, FL; Rockland, MA; and Sydney, Australia.       

Find out at: www.cognitec.com



Computer Holography Centre Ltd


STAND G17 (3rd Floor)

Computer Holography Centre Ltd specializes in the production of original, high-security holograms. The company uses electron beam origination technology, which provides overt and covert security features recorded at a resolution of 10 nanometers. Our developments are in widespread use for the protection of banknotes, passports, tax stamps, ID-cards, etc.

Find out more at: www.computer-holography.com



Covestro Deutschland AG


STAND G19 (3rd Floor)

With 2016 sales of EUR 11.9 billion, Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience) is among the world’s largest polymer companies, focused on the manufacture of high-technology polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life.

With 30 production sites worldwide, Covestro employed approximately 15,600 people at the end of 2016.

Find out more at: www.films.covestro.com




STAND F11 (3rd Floor)

Crossmatch helps organizations solve their identity-management challenges through biometrics. We assist governments, law-enforcement agencies, banks, retailers and other enterprises mitigate risk, drive productivity and improve service levels. Our solutions are built on consultative expertise, refined best practices, and the application of advanced biometrics technologies. Crossmatch understands the forces of change in the markets we serve and develops solutions that anticipate our customers’ requirements.

Find out more at: www.crossmatch.com




STAND K23 (3rd Floor)

cryptovision is a world-leading specialist for cryptography and electronic identity solutions. The Germany-based company has been specializing in this field for almost 15 years, with hundreds of successful projects delivered. More than 100 million people worldwide make use of cryptovision products every day in such diverse sectors as defense, automotive, financial, government, retails and industry.

Find out more at: www.cryptovision.com





STAND K24 (3rd Floor)

Manufacturer of special sewing threads for industrial use.

We offer worldwide security threads for ID and the production of government passports. Security threads can be used as an anti-counterfeiting device for government documents. The technique used guarantees an excellent result: with very well hidden UV colour, a perfect lubrication, and a soft sewing thread with high tensile properties.

Find out more at: www.cusbor.com




STAND L11    (3rd Floor)

das-Nano develops tailor-made ID authentication solutions based on proprietary technologies, for commercial banks and government authorities in the high security printing industry.
das-Nano´s team combines different technologies such as advanced electronic and optics, terahertz waves and artificial-intelligence-based software to provide a unique blend of digital and physical protection of ID documents.

Find out more at: www.das-nano.es


De La Rue



STAND J20 (3rd Floor)

De La Rue is a trusted partner of governments, central banks, issuing authorities and commercial organisations around the world, offering a range of identity management and product authentication solutions, as well as the design and production of banknotes and cash management processing solutions.

De La Rue works in close collaboration with government clients to develop their own strategic roadmap, implementing passport, ePassport, national ID, eID, driving license and voter registration schemes, as well as authentication label and tax stamp solutions.

The Group is the world’s largest integrated commercial banknote printer, and in addition manufactures sophisticated high-speed cash sorting and inspection equipment.

De La Rue is a recognised authority around the world for its unrivalled technical expertise and innovation, with its local knowledge and on the ground support being second to none.

Find out more at: www.delarue.com


Demax Holograms

alt                                                              alt

STAND B26 (3rd Floor)

Demax Holograms – creating complete and complicated security solutions to serve governments, private business and international customers. The key element in our strategy for protecting documents and trademarks is the combination of different printing technologies with optical technology for synthesizing and application of DOVE – our own unique system LIDOgram.

Find out more at: www.demax.bg




STAND L43 (3rd Floor)

DERMALOG employs a team of scientists who continuously develop biometric identification systems (so-called “AFIS” and “ABIS” systems), including cutting-edge fingerprint scanning devices. The product portfolio is complemented by biometric border control systems, biometric ID cards and passports as well as biometric voting systems. “FingerLogin”, “FingerPayment” and “FingerBanking” are also solutions developed by DERMALOG, as are systems for automatic face and iris recognition.

Find out more at: www.dermalog.com



DESKO                                                          PREMIER SPONSOR

alt alt

STAND L55 (3rd Floor)

DESKO develops and manufactures hard- and software solutions for ID document checks and automated data entry. From image and data capture, to a complete authentication of ID documents, DESKO has your ideal solution for security check points such as border and access control, immigration, banking, retail, hospitality and many more.

Find out more at: www.desko.de


DILETTA ID-SYSTEMS                                               SPONSOR


STAND K21 (3rd Floor)

For more than five decades, DILETTA has been engaged in producing identity products and security systems for governments and other national institutions. DILETTA offers complete systems for centralized and decentralized personalization of high security travel documents, which support all safety criteria, contactless chip technology and machine-readable features.

Find out more at: www.diletta.com




STAND G21 (3rd Floor)

The Dimuken Group is a leading global provider of specialist equipment for the application of kinegrams and holograms for the ID document and the security print sectors. Dimuken equipment is used worldwide to apply holograms onto passports, ID cards, government documents, visas, bank cards, event and sports tickets, travel documents, cheques, examination certificates, warranty and authenticity documents.

Find out more at www.dimuken.com




STAND C15 (3rd Floor)

DIPA is the only security paper producer in Hungary with over 230 years’ expertise, and with the most up-to-date paper-producing technology.

Our product range comprises high quality security paper for banknotes, passports, identity and financial documents, secure-featured tickets for transport companies and vouchers.

We apply a wide range of security features such as watermarks, various security fibres and dots, security threads, iridescent stripe and hologram foil, and chemical protection, according to customer needs for the best anti-counterfeiting protection.

Find out more at: www.dipa.hu





STAND C17 (3rd Floor)

DKSH works in partnership with key players in the security market helping them to develop innovative products. DKSH offers a range of raw materials to produce key overt and covert security features. DKSH can help solve issues with adhesion to difficult and diverse substrates.

Find out more at: www.dksh.com/uk





STAND D19 (3rd Floor)

DLRS Limited is Ireland’s largest security printer. Established since 1976, DLRS has an international client base including government departments, financial institutions, and commercial organisations. Our product range includes passports, fiscal stamps, biometric cards and certificates. We are ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and Intergraf CWA 14641 accredited.

Find out more at: www.dlrsgroup.com


Doculus Lumus


STAND T33 (2nd Floor)

The charismaTec OG was founded in 2010 in Graz/Austria by Dieter Lutzmayr, MSc and Sandra Slavinec, MSc.

Working with the border police and European document experts, the company developed a mobile document checking device called Doculus Lumus®.

For the first time ever, it is now possible to quickly and reliably identify fake personal documents within 30 seconds.           

Find out more at: www.doculuslumus.com



STAND L45 (3rd Floor)

Founded in 1978, Domino Printing Sciences has a global reputation for the continual development and manufacture of total coding and printing technologies that set new industry standards.

With 25 subsidiary offices and in excess of 200 distributors, the Domino Group operates in over 120 countries employing over 2,700 people worldwide. In 2015 Domino was acquired by Brother Industries Limited.

Find out more at: www.domino-printing.com


DREWSEN Spezialpapiere



STAND J30 (3rd Floor)

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE GmbH & Co. KG based in Lachendorf, Germany, specialize in the development and manufacture of high security papers with a worldwide reputation for quality and service. Our comprehensive range of security features are used in many secure documents such as passports, tax and revenue labels etc.

Find out more at: www.drewsen.com


Driven Cards



Stand M25 (5th Floor)

Driven Cards is a professional, young and focused Technology Solution Provider in the Secure Identity Market. Our solutions covering Passports and Cards personalization, Passports lamination, quality control and mailing systems will help any Government and Payment association willing to evolve their Secure Identity and Secure Payment projects.       

Find out more at: www.drivencards.it

Document Security Alliance



The Document Security Alliance (DSA) is a consortium of government agencies, private industry and academia formed to identify methods of improving security documents and related procedures to help combat the growing acts of fraud, terrorism, illegal immigration, identity theft, and other criminal acts.

DSA members draw upon a wide range of knowledge and detailed technical disciplines to accomplish this goal. The group is committed to develop and provide recommendations to appropriate federal and state government agencies and government policymakers to improve the security of identification cards, travel documents and currency.

Find out more at www.documentsecurityalliance.com



Ecological Fibers



STAND A13 (3rd Floor)

Ecological Fibers is the global leader in manufacturing 100% solvent free and environmentally friendly covering materials for the security document industry. Specifically engineered to meet customer’s passport and security document needs, our ACURA product line provides the durability and security necessary for life's most important documents.

Find out more at: www.ecofibers.com


alt alt

STAND H14 (3rd Floor)

ELYCTIS develops, manufactures and markets readers dedicated to Secured Identity Documents (ePassport, eID, eDL etc.).

Thanks to our expertise in the relevant standards (ICAO, IAS, 7816, 14443, PC/SC, Biometry) we provide support and software developments on fixed and mobile terminals.

Our ID BOX One product range is a compact USB device-family, gathering all the peripherals required to read any electronic document (RFID reader, ISO contact reader, OCR scanner and fingerprint sensor) and able to read e-documents in a single action.

Find out more at: www.elyctis.com


Entrust Datacard


STAND L31 (3rd Floor)

Consumers, citizens and employees increasingly expect anywhere–anytime experiences - whether they are making purchases, crossing borders, accessing e-gov services or logging onto corporate networks. Entrust Datacard offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make those experiences reliable and secure. Solutions range from the physical world of financial cards, passports and ID cards, to the digital realm of authentication, certificates and secure communications.

Find out more at: www.entrustdatacard.com/government


Essentra Security


STAND M29 (5th Floor)

We are the UK’s leading provider of ID security solutions. We work with numerous government organisations to provide smart card and personalised ID to secure people, buildings and assets. In partnership with global manufacturer Magicard, visit our specialists on stand M29 and find out how our high security technology can help you.

Find out more at: www.essentrasecurity.com



STAND L37 (3rd Floor)

Evolis is the world leader in plastic card personalization and printing solutions. The systems integrate all graphic and electric security features such as magnetic stripes, chips, holograms, lamination, etc. for all types of official cards. Based in France with subsidiaries around the world, Evolis is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and has more than 350 employees.

Find out more at: www.evolis.com




STAND M67 (5th Floor)

Exim is proud to offer its Polycarbonate films with excellent durability, lamination and laser engraving performance to the Global ID market. Exim portfolio includes transparent laserable layer, co-extruded layers, white core layers, and a transparent nonlaser overlay grades for the cover or intermediate layers with Antistatic-Antidust options.

Find out more at: www.exim.com.tr



alt                                                       alt

STAND A17 (3rd Floor)

Favini is an Italian company with a long history in paper manufacturing. It has a significant market share in industrial release and specialty fine paper. Favini offers a wide range of security papers.

Find out more at: www.favini.com


Flint Group


STAND A15 (3rd Floor)

Flint Group develops, manufactures and markets an extensive portfolio of printing consumables. The security market is a key development area.
•    Security inks - conventional and digital
•    nyloprint® photopolymer plates for direct and indirect security printing
•    Xeikon digital print solutions for tax stamps and secure documents

Find out more at: www.flintgrp.com




STAND M35  (5th Floor)

FNMT-RCM, Spanish public corporation, is responsible for the manufacture of documents that are fundamental in the life of an individual (identity and other documents recognising aptitudes and rights).
The manufacture of documents protected against counterfeiting and tampering, produced in a secure environment, with maximum guarantees and quality, is one of our representative activities.

Find out more at: www.fnmt.es


Folienwerk Wolfen

STAND T41 (2nd Floor)

Folienwerk Wolfen is an established German film manufacturer, which has been producing for over 20 years, high value overlay and core-films out of PETG, TritanTM, PEC and PC for ID-1 and ID-3 documents.

Find out more at: www.smart-ecofilms.com


Foster + Freeman


STAND F09 (3rd Floor)

Established in 1978, Foster + Freeman specializes in the design of instrumentation for the verification of security documents such as passports, ID cards and currency, and the detection of counterfeits using a variety of techniques. Users include police departments, forensic science laboratories, immigration authorities, banks and security printers in 140 countries.

Find out more at: www.fosterfreeman.com





STAND M63 (5th Floor)

Established in 1975, Galaxy Ltd. has evolved into a dynamic firm offering different types of products and services including: secure documents, IDs, secure cards, card personalisation solutions, software and hardware, advanced solutions for document authentication, number plate systems, complete system integration and a service second to none.

Find out more at: www.galaxymalta.com




STAND T19 (2nd Floor)

GBG is a global specialist in Identity Data Intelligence. Through our fundamental belief that the digital economy relies on everyone having access to data they can trust, we enable organisations to improve their customer experience, fight fraud and cybercrime, and enable better decision making while complying with regulations. 

Find out more at: www.gbgplc.com


Gemalto                                                        PREMIER SPONSOR


STAND L69     (3rd Floor)

Gemalto is the global leader in digital security, with 2016 annual revenues of €3.1 billion and customers in over 180 countries. We bring trust to an increasingly connected world. Our robust identity solutions and services are deployed in over 100 government programs worldwide.

Find out more at: www.gemalto.com






STAND L25 (3rd Floor)
Gen2wave is Korea-based rugged and professional smartphone, tablet and mobile eID reader (OCR, NFC, MSR, 1D, 2D barcode, smart card and fingerprint) manufacturer. Gen2 means 2nd generation delivering futuristic and leading technology and a new paradigm of customer satisfaction. Wave means that the benefits of our products and services spreads out like a wave from top management to front-line workers, creating new concepts of an ubiquitous and interactive mobile computing environment.

Find out more at: www.gen2wave.com


Goldcrest Security Labels


STAND H11 (3rd Floor)

Goldcrest Security Labels print and supply anti-fraud and product protection self-adhesive labels for the UK and export around the world. Our portfolio includes; scratch off, activation, tamper-evident and void security labelling. New products for 2018 include specialist thermochromic and obscuration inks that can be applied a wide range of security label applications.

Find out more at: www.goldcrest-products.uk




STAND L45 (3rd Floor)      

Since, 1985 Graphimecc develops solution on the High Security Printing with Central Bank & National Printing House, designing and making special machineries for ENCODING with 100% CERTIFICATION of the finished product.

In an area of more than 6000sqm2, Innovation and Italian creativity, the most advanced technologies and a modern organization, blend together to create unique solution for PERFORMANCE – USABILITY – RELIABILITY.

Find out more at: www.graphimeccgroup.it


Green Bit



STAND M65 (5th Floor) 

Green Bit, headquartered in Turin (Italy), offers a complete product line of FBI-certified fingerprint Livescans for law enforcement and ID management markets. Since 1997, Green Bit has created a track record of worldwide deployments using our standard or custom Livescan solutions.

Find out more at: www.greenbit.com



Heinz Ziegenbein


STAND K25    (3rd Floor)

Heinz Ziegenbein KG is a manufacturer of spine tape (reinforcement tape) for passport production. We develop individual products for all customer requirements, and supply material that is suitable for the relevant security paper and ensures perfect stability of the passport.

Find out more at: www.ziegenbein-kg.de


HID Global                                                       PREMIER SPONSOR


STAND J11 (3rd Floor)

HID Global is a leader in providing trusted government-issued identities around the world.

HID Global combines proven industry expertise and experience with the broadest portfolio of highly secure, interoperable identity solutions that are field-proven in major government ID programs worldwide. HID Global’s citizen ID solutions include HID goID™ (its mobile ID platform), e-documents, readers, inlays, pre-laminates, counterfeit-resistant optical secure media technology (OSM), printer/encoder solutions, and professional services. 

In addition, HID’s FARGO® printer portfolio provides the world's most advanced generation ID card printers and encoders, offering risk-appropriate secure technology to issue and personalize secure citizen IDs to specific requirements, onsite and at your convenience.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, HID Global has over 3,000 employees worldwide and operates international offices that support more than 100 countries. HID Global® is an ASSA ABLOY Group brand.

For more information, visit www.hidglobal.com




STAND L23 (3rd Floor)

Most Durable Covers in the World – Setting the Security Standard for Over a Century.
Holliston is the world’s most trusted manufacturer of premium passport and government security cover materials. Our diverse product portfolio is specified by the United States’ government and more than 60 countries to meet their diverse and demanding identification requirements.

Find out more at: holliston.com




STAND M14  (5th Floor)

Holography Ltd is capable of performing the full hologram production process from design and origination to a complete product.

We can offer a competative price for low (500, 1000, 10000 ), medium (100 000, 500 000) and high (1 000 000 - 10 000 000) product runs.

We are an excellent partner for your brand protection!

Find out more at: www.holography.lv


Huizhou Foryou Optical Technology

alt                                                                     alt

STAND D25 (3rd Floor)

FYOTEC is a Chinese-based manufacturer with more than 20 years of expertise in developing one of the most favourable security products, Optical Changeable Effect Pigment/Ink, meeting the demands of governments and brand owners around the world. FYOTEC has been involved in the production of high-security passports and IDs, and is a faithful and loyal partner.

Find out more at: www.fyotec.com


Hungarian Banknote Printing Company



Stand H17 (3rd Floor)

Hungarian Banknote Printing Company was founded in 1926, mainly for the printing of domestic banknotes and secure printed products. Ever since the company’s founding, we have been continuously developing our products by the introduction of technological innovations so we can offer state-of-the-art security (document and product protection) solutions to our current and future customers. Our aim is to provide innovative and complex system solutions in the identification and security market segments.

Find out more at: www.hbpc.hu


IAI industrial systems

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STAND G13 (3rd Floor)

IAI is an independent equipment manufacturer that supplies systems to personalise travel- and identity documents, and to secure valuable documents such as banknotes, cheques and certificates. We take pride in delivering our equipment at the highest quality and with the best service during the long life cycle of our systems. We embrace the challenge to develop innovative new personalisation technologies or features based on laser technology. IAI’s systems and features are successfully used for various security documents worldwide, ranging from banknotes, bank cheques and certificates, to driving licenses, passports and ID cards.

Find out more at: www.iai.nl


ID3 Technologies

STAND E27 (3rd Floor)

id3 provides Biometric, security and identity solutions. id3 offer encompasses a scalable ID Platform based upon multimodal biometric engine and a set of application services including enrolment, adjudication, document design, personalization and issuance. Thanks to its MINEX certified algorithms, id3 provides a range of identity document solution from Match-On-Card to Bioseal.

Find out more at: www.id3.eu


IDEMIA                                                                       TITLE SPONSOR


STAND D21 (3rd Floor)

OT-Morpho is now IDEMIA. the global leader in Augmented Identity for an increasingly digital world with the ambition to empower citizens and consumers alike to interact, pay, connect, travel and vote in ways that are now possible in a connected environment.

Securing our identity has become mission critical in the world we live in today. By standing for Augmented Identity, we reinvent the way we think, produce, use and protect this asset, whether for individuals or for objects. We ensure privacy and trust as well as guarantee secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions for international clients from Financial, Telecom, Identity, Public Security and IoT sectors.

Through our leadership in biometrics and our end-to-end identity management solutions, we make it our mission to protect people, places and the identity of each citizen on the move, while making the user experience more convenient. For our customers – governments and public authorities - our solutions provide a unique and trusted identity for all citizens that can be used in real life or online, so they can do more than ever before.  

With close to €3bn in revenues serving clients in 180 countries, IDEMIA has issued more than three billion identity documents worldwide and is currently working on more than 135 programs.

Find out more at: www.idemia.com




STAND B14 (3rd Floor)

The Imprimerie Nationale Group is a worldwide leader offering secure identity solutions for States, governments and businesses. The Group is a high tech company, expert in engineering solutions for official credentials, the global management of identities and rights, the protection of sensitive data and controlling flows and complex printing processes.

Find out more at: www.imprimerienationale.com





The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office (INCM), whose motto is "The Value of Security", is a centennial company with the tradition to innovate in order to provide the most advanced security solutions for identification and authentication to Governments and companies all over the world.

Find out more at: www.incm.pt




STAND A21 (3rd Floor)

IN-CORE SYSTEMES are the leading supplier of optical technology based solutions. The company combines quality assurance of both the incoming security materials and production processes to ensure accurate production for banknotes and other secure print products, and has implemented traceability solutions to track and trace banknotes, and other secure products, along the entire production  chain, including final banknote acceptance checking.

Find out more at: www.incore-systemes.com





STAND J26 (3rd Floor)

Based on its core competences in the fields of security, contactless communication and integrated microcontroller solutions (embedded control), Infineon offers an extensive portfolio of semiconductor-based security products for many smart card and security applications. With this expertise, Infineon is helping to increase security in an increasingly networked world; for example, for mobile payment, for system security and secure electronic ID documents.

For years now, a large number of governments and authorities have placed their trust in Infineon. Infineon’s security chips can be found in electronic passports in countries including Germany, USA, China, Brazil, Indonesia, France, Norway, Poland and Taiwan, and in the electronic ID cards of Germany, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Ireland and South Africa. In Europe 70% of national electronic ID projects rely on secure controllers from Infineon.

For over 25 years, Infineon has developed innovative solutions in the area of hardware-based security and has been the market leader for more than 15 consecutive years.

Find out more at: www.infineon.com/chip-card-and-security




STAND C11 (3rd Floor)

Innovatrics is an independent provider of biometric software solutions for identity management projects. Innovatrics’ next-generation identity management technologies include Innovatrics AFIS, the world’s fastest multimodal Automated Fingerprint Identification System, and IFace, a proven facial biometric solution.

Innovatrics is dedicated to helping partners around the world to deliver powerful identity management solutions.

Find out more: www.innovatrics.com




STAND L71 (3rd Floor)

Inspectron is a leading supplier of real-time verification tracking and workflow systems for the security document industry. Inspectron provides solutions for all stages in the printing, production and fulfillment of secure documents. Our systems are modular and provide complete traceability and reconciliation to each part of the document workflow.

Find out more: www.inspectron.com


Integrated Biometrics


STAND M11 (5th Floor)

Integrated Biometrics (IB) develops and manufactures leadership-enabling fingerprint capture technology in both stand-alone and embedded versions suitable for integration into our partners’ mobile solutions. Utilizing IB’s patented LES technology, IB designs the world’s smallest, thinnest, and smartest certified fingerprint sensors.

Find out more at: www.integratedbiometrics.com


International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)


STAND C29 (3rd Floor)

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a UN agency, established in 1944 with the Chicago Convention. ICAO works with the Convention’s 191 Member States and industry groups to reach consensus on international Standards and policies in support of safe, efficient, secure, economically sustainable and environmentally responsible civil aviation worldwide.    

Find out more at: www.icao.int




STAND A25 (3rd Floor)

The Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato Italiano (Government Printing Office and Mint) is a key player in the manufacturing of security documents and solutions, protecting the physical and digital identity of citizens and products.
As the government supplier of all the Italian identification documents, Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato develops advanced technologies and integrated solutions to prevent counterfeiting through high-security features and exceptional quality standards.

Find out more: www.ipzs.it


IQ Structures



STAND L47 (3rd Floor)

IQ Structures is a technology company focusing on the development of new materials, surface structures and approaches for the production of high-end products. We use cutting-edge technologies to create unique micro- and nano-structures to secure documents, valuables and goods against counterfeiting. We have experienced managers and respected experts in security printing industry who have implemented projects in more than 80 countries.

Find out more at: www.iqstructures.cz




STAND M21 (5th floor)

With over 30 years of experience, ISRA VISION, the market leader in optical inspection technology, presents the latest advancements in the BankSTAR product family. The newest generation of BankSTAR detects and analyses all kinds of defects on security paper, security printing and even the most recent security elements, assuring 100% quality and increasing process efficiency throughout the production chain.

Find out more at: www.isravision.com






STAND L75 (3rd Floor)

IXLA provides equipment for plastic card personalization using laser engraving technology. IXLA staff have research and development backgrounds in the laser-source industry and in specialized peripherals for distributed ICT. By producing all our own core components, we meet the design and supply demands of our customers.

Find out more at: www.ixla.it




STAND A23 (3rd Floor)

JENETRIC are experts in the development and manufacturing of biometric sensors that meet the highest demands for image quality, capture speed and ease of use. Focusing on technical parameters, performance efficiency and noticeable improvement for users, our scanners are compact- and user-friendly helping to simplify & improve fingerprint capture processes.

Find out more at: www.jenetric.de


Jura JSP                                                                           SPONSOR


STAND C15 (3rd Floor)

The Jura JSP GmbH (part of Jura Group) is a reputed supplier of the security printing market, offering:

Design software
The GS layout design software system is being used in more than 50 countries. Engraver artists make excellent use of the unique GS Engraver software.

High-resolution CTP
Jura JSP offers special computer-to-plate units with max 12,800 dpi resolution, in close cooperation with Kodak.

Laser-driven intaglio plate making
To prepare print-ready intaglio plates, Jura JSP launched a direct laser-engraving machine (DLE), in close cooperation with the Austrian Bank Note Printing Company (OeBS).

Plate quality control
The newly developed set of tools can check the quality of printing plates fully automatically. Wet offset plates are checked in 2D, while dry offset and intaglio plates in 3D. The 3D quality control is more accurate and easier than ever before.

Hidden graphics
The company has proprietary, worldwide-patented hidden-image technology to protect security documents, including banknotes.

Travel document personalization
Jura JSP GmbH is the global pioneer in supplying security solutions against photo-replacement on travel documents. Jura’s technology offers a counter-related authentication and counter-protection of visible data, OCR line, hidden personal data in the photo to data stored in the chip.

Find out more at: www.jura.hu


KBA - NotaSys


STAND E19 (3rd Floor)

Your partner in the production of security documents

KBA-NotaSys serves the global security print industry with a full range of innovative products and services for the design and production of banknotes and security documents. We combine technology and expertise to guarantee the integrity of these documents today and tomorrow.

Find out more at: www.kba-notasys.com

Keesing Technologies


STAND G11 (3rd Floor)

Keesing offers state-of-the art solutions that allow users (experts as well as employees without any specialist knowledge) to inspect and authenticate nearly all ID documents in circulation. Solutions that provide you with the assurance of an ID document’s authenticity.

Keesing is the owner of the world’s most comprehensive source of genuine ID documents. This database provides authoritative access to international ID documents from over 200 countries and all North American DLs. All Keesing authentication solutions are powered by this unique source.

Keesing’s objective is to help organisations prevent counterfeiting and combat identity fraud by providing the world’s best authentication solutions. To safeguard the quality of these solutions, Keesing closely cooperates with international government agencies. For over 90 years, thousands of organizations rely on Keesing’s expertise and solutions to fight counterfeiting and ID fraud.

Find out more at: www.keesing-technologies.com



STAND D23 (3rd Floor)

KEIT is a Bulgarian company focusing its activities for more than 15 years on developing technologies and solutions for the protection of documents, banknotes, ID cards and any other kind of securities and goods against counterfeiting. The company is the holder of several international patents for multimedia, multistage-encrypted markings and material code.

Find out more at: www.keit.bg




STAND E29 (3rd Floor)

World market leader for passport finishing machinery, Kugler-Womako, presents four independent machines for complete finishing process, which can easily be configured for all types of passports. Since the introduction of e-passports with RFID chips for biometrical data, we have designed and installed corresponding machine modules in existing and new machinery.

Find out more at: www.kugler-womako.com



Lake Image Systems


STAND L63 (3rd Floor)

Lake Image Systems is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of imaging and scanning technologies for the world’s security printing industries. By reading and processing the variable data now commonplace on many printed items, our systems inspect, verify, track and report on millions of printed pieces daily.

Find out more at: www.lakeimage.com




STAND L41 (3rd Floor)

LANA sets its spotlight onto expertise in producing security relevant papers. LANA achieves counterfeit-proof papers, with chemical treatment or by adding inclusions, security threads, visible or invisible fibres, dots, internal points. Lana specialises in creating individual watermarks. Due to its integrated watermark atelier, in-house experts supervise the progress from design to production.

Find out more at: www.lanapapier.fr


Lawrence Industries


STAND T17 (2nd Floor)

Established in 1973, Lawrence Industries is a technically driven distributor of speciality chemicals. We offer a range of functional materials dedicated to the security printing industry. Visit our stand to discuss our high-performance UV fluorescent pigments, as well as our AURORA infrared blocking and conductive materials.

Find out more at: www.l-i.co.uk



Liberty Threads


STAND T31 (2nd Floor) 

Liberty Threads has supplied high quality sewing threads for over 50 years. Based at a secure premises in Rotterdam, Liberty Threads manufactures both single colour or multiply combinations in a variety of thread sizes and substrates. Secure applications include passports and brand protection.

Find out more at: www.liberty-fabrics.nl




STAND B28 (3rd Floor)

Linxens is a world-class provider of component-based solutions for the security & identity market. We design and manufacture Microconnectors for smartcards and RFID Antennas and Inlays.

With 8 production facilities worldwide, 4 R&D Centers, and over 3,000 employees, Linxens delivers guaranteed product and technical reliability.

Find out more at: www.linxens.com


Luminescence Security Inks



STAND L53 (3rd Floor)

LUMINESCENCE manufactures a wide range of security inks that can be used to identify unauthorized documents. These anti-amendment and anti-counterfeiting features can be detected visually or machine-read.

Our offset, intaglio, flexo, gravure, screen and numbering inks can incorporate many levels of security and are manufactured to internationally recognised specifications.
LUMINESCENCE also manufactures secure stitching threads for binding passports.

Find out more at: www.luminescence.co.uk




STAND F29 (3rd Floor)

Luminochem develops and produces innovative luminescent photoactive materials for security printing inks, security printing and hidden marking.

Our materials are applied worldwide for banknotes, passports, IDs, financial and legal documents, lottery, travel tickets, tax labels and packaging.

Our main product groups are:
-    Organic UV-fluorescent security pigments and water-soluble dyes,
-    NIR absorbing materials,
-    Antistokes (up-converter).

Find out more at: www.luminochem.com



MaskTech                                                   PREMIER SPONSOR


STAND L29 (3rd Floor)

MaskTech is the leading independent provider of embedded system on chip, high-security operating systems and middleware solutions for eID documents.

Our embedded solution (MTCOS) protects e-documents in more than 65 countries worldwide.
MTCOS is a fully open standard (ISO/IEC) compliant multi-application operating system and supports a large variety of ID applications e.g. ICAO/BSI ePassport, national e-ID, -sign, -health, -drivers’ license and PKI. It supports the RFID, dual interface or contact interface.

Find out more at: www.masktech.de


Matica Technologies



STAND F25 (3rd Floor)

Matica Technologies offers a comprehensive hardware and software product portfolio to issue secure ID cards and financial cards, from desktop systems –including ID card printers, desktop laser engraving systems and passport printers– to central issuance solutions for high volume applications, including mailing systems.

The Group is worldwide represented with offices in Germany, Italy, France, Singapore, China, the US, the UAE, and India.

Find out more at: www.maticatech.com



STAND L27 (3rd Floor)

MELZER is the leading equipment supplier for the industrial production of state-of-the-art MRTD's, ID cards, smart cards, contactless cards and RFID inlays. Customized solutions in combination with the unique modular inline production processes ensure highest productivity, flexibility and security at a maximum yield. The Melzer product portfolio also includes advanced RFID converting equipment for the production of smart labels, smart tickets and luggage tags.

Find out more at: www.melzergmbh.com


Mühlbauer Group


STAND L67 (3rd Floor)

Since 1981, the Mühlbauer Group has become a global player in the security sector with 35 production and service locations. Specialized in innovative end-to-end solutions for producing, personalizing and issuing smart cards and ePassports and currently involved in over 300 ID projects worldwide, Mühlbauer is a competent partner for implementing security systems.

Find out more at: www.muehlbauer.de


NBS Technologies


STAND F27 (3rd Floor)   

NBS Technologies offers industry leading hardware and software card personalization solutions for high volume centralised and low volume instant issuance environments. Our products are complemented by global partners enabling us to customise solutions to best fit customer needs  and deliver world class after sales support, innovation and low ownership costs.

Find out more at: www.nbstech.com


Neenah Red Bridge


STAND E23 (3rd Floor)

As a supplier of passport cover material to over 100 countries, we offer a wide selection of paper and cloth cover materials suitable for electronic and machine-readable travel documents. Innovative print effects and tactile features now available. Our spine tape products add strength and protection.

Find out more at: www.neenah.com




STAND L61 (3rd Floor)

NXP Semiconductors delivers secure microprocessors used in government-issued identity documents around the world, including ePassports, eID, eHC, eDL and many more. Built on more than 10 years’ experience in this segment, NXP offers solutions for all types of scaling and every level of the eDocuments value chain.

Find out more at: www.nxp.com/smartgovernance


Oasys Technologies


STAND K27 (3rd Floor)

Oasys Technologies Ltd supplies turnkey production solutions to manufacturers of Passport E datapages and Secure ID cards.

Oasys has a proven track record for the supply of such machinery on a global basis covering Manual, Semi-Automated and Fully automated solutions.

Oasys provides machinery built to match the needs of modern production techniques, and has established a high level of expertise in this sector.

We have a global reputation for reliable machinery, backed up by superior after-sales and support.

Find out more at: www.oasys.uk.com




STAND M31 (5th Floor)

OLNICA is a French company specialized in technologies of authentication to fight against the counterfeits, the faults or the robbery of products and the grey market, with adapted levels of identification for each issue.

Whatever be the field of activity, we are able to bring an adapted solution to the securing needs of our customers’ products.

Find out more at: www.olnica.com


OpSec Security



Stand E11 (3rd Floor)

OpSec is a leading supplier of holographic, optical and material science solutions for the protection of security documents. The company’s range of innovative products include passport security, ID card solutions and secure hot-stamping foils. OpSec solutions enable governments and their commercial partners to protect millions of documents throughout the world.

Find out more at www.opsecsecurity.com






OPTAGLIO is the market leader in e-beam lithography and security microstructure technologies, providing high level counterfeit-proof solutions for IDs, banknotes and brand protection. During almost 25 years of our history, we have delivered hundreds of millions of advanced security holograms to governments and financial institutions in more than 50 countries around the world.

Find out more at: www.optaglio.com


Otto Künnecke


STAND C13 (3rd Floor)

Otto Kuennecke builds intelligent machine and software solutions for secure personalization, verification, grouping, packaging and mailing of high secure documents. The product portfolio ranges from data-driven sheet-collating and punching systems to a fully automated card factory with selective functions. Software and digital solutions are developed in-house.

Find out more at: www.kuennecke.com



OVD Kinegram


STAND D11 (3rd Floor)

OVD Kinegram is an innovative, global leader in the supply of advanced Optically Variable Devices (OVDs) to protect government documents and banknotes. More than 100 countries have placed their trust in the KINEGRAM® security device to protect their high security documents.

OVD Kinegram is a Swiss company and a member of the German Kurz group. The company has accumulated over three decades of experience in protection against counterfeiting, and maintains close contacts with police forces, customs authorities and internationally renowned security specialists.

Whatever your counterfeit-protection needs, OVD Kinegram offers a full range of services: consulting, design, engineering, in-house production, application machines and support, as well as after-sales service.

Find out more at: www.kinegram.com


Papeteries De Vizille



STAND B21 (3rd Floor)

PAPETERIES DE VIZILLE, located in Vizille, France, manufacture and develop high-security papers worldwide. Our range of security papers offers a wide variety of security features dedicated to secure documents such as passport, visas, tax stamps, tax labels, cheques, vouchers, etc.

Find out more at: www.vizille-vicat.com


Paragon ID

STAND M13 (5th Floor)       

Paragon ID is a leader in identification solutions, in the e-ID, transport, smart cities, traceability & brand protection sectors.

Using the latest technologies such as RFID and NFC, Paragon ID provides smart cards, tickets, labels and tags to worldwide clients in diverse markets including public transport, manufacturing, logistics, gaming and retail.

Find out more at: www.paragon-id.com


Paya Systems


STAND M19 (5th Floor)

Paya system (Arian Expert TM) is mainly focused on preventing the forgery of documents and information theft.
Our services include:
- Design and manufacturing of security software
- Banknote designing and security printing
- Implementation of identification systems
- Encryption (and decryption) application for printed documents.
- Electronic documents security (EDS), manufacture software to secure image archives (Recognition of variations in files, …)

Find out more at: www.arianexpert.com





STAND F19 (3rd Floor)

PETREL is a French company 100% dedicated to the production and innovations in the field of security, with the manufacture of highly sophisticated security inks to be used by offset, silk-screen, flexo and gravure, security stitching threads for passports and similar booklets, and security fibres.

Find out more at: www.petrel-security.com


Polygraph Combine ‘Ukraina’



STAND L19 (3rd Floor)

Polygraph combine ‘Ukraina’ is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of printing products and an exclusive producer of state identification documents. The company offers a full cycle of security printing production. Our desire to conform to the highest international standards and to produce the documents with ultramodern security features is highly rated by a number of EU countries and is confirmed by five international ISO standards.

Find out more at: www.pk-ukraina.gov.ua


PPG Teslin® Substrate



STAND C23 (3rd Floor)

Used worldwide for more than 15 years in billions of security credentials, Teslin® substrate offers tamper-resistant and tamper-evident durability, and forms adhesive bonds that are ten times stronger than other print materials. It also cushions and protects antennas and ICs to extend the service life of ePassports, e-cards, and RFID cards, tags and labels.

Find out more at: www.teslin.com


Printcolor Screen



STAND M73  (5th Floor)

Printcolor is your Swiss partner for innovative security inks and solutions for banknotes, identification documents, fiscal stamps, bank checks, ballot papers and other government documents. With more than 80 years of expertise, Printcolor is a highly experienced partner when it comes to developing new product concepts, from the initial prototype through to serial production with uniform quality.   

Find out more at: www.printcolor.ch


Prismade Labs



Prismade Labs creates and licenses interactive identification technologies that can be easily printed into ID documents, certificates and banknotes. This fully printed smart ID and smart hologram can be verified with a consumers’ smartphone and provides more security than optical recognition systems at lower cost than RFID or NFC.

Find out more at: www.prismade.com


Project Genesius       

STAND T35   

Set up to eleven years ago by the Metropolitan Police, major players in the print industry formed a voluntary partnership to share information and make it more difficult for criminals to obtain the hardware and consumables needed to manufacture false identities. Following notable successes in identifying and disrupting identity document fraud, similar initiatives are being established in other countries.

Find out more: projectgenesius@met.police.uk





STAND M77 (5th Floor)

PROJECTINA specializes in the development and manufacture of forensic science products. Document examination systems are designed for a variety of needs, users and applications. From banking and border security, to insurance and government agencies, the ability to detect, inspect, view and record images immediately, gives users the versatility and workflow they require.

Find out more at: www.projectina.ch


PWPW                                                                   SPONSOR

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STAND D29 (3rd Floor)

Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW S.A.) is a national manufacturer of banknotes and securities. Our main products are banknotes and identification documents for Poland and other countries (ID cards, biometric passports), transportation documents, excise tax bands, as well as plastic cards, electronic services and many more.

Find out more at: www.pwpw.pl



Quantag Nanotechnologies


STAND M45 (5th Floor)

Quantag Nanotechnologies is an innovative company with the vision of delivering high-end nano-products, functionalized according to customer needs. Quantag’s novel and patented technologies on quantum technology, nanomaterials, quantum dots, and high-end optical sensors provide tailored solutions in the field of authentication and security. Quantag’s technology can be applied on documents, goods, and even to liquids.

Find out more at: www.quantagnano.com


Reconnaissance International



STAND H15 (3rd Floor)

As a provider of specialist business intelligence, we keep our customers informed about the latest developments in secure documents, currency, tax stamps, holography and anti-counterfeiting.
We produce five monthly newsletters for these sectors, as well as regular market reports and directories, and offer consultancy to help customers identify appropriate solutions for document security. We also run the secretariats for two major industry associations and a series of international events.

Find out more at: www.reconnaissance-intl.com


Regula Baltija

   alt                                         alt

STAND C21 (3rd Floor)

Regula is the world leader in supplying solutions for border and immigration control, as well as secure document examination, including:
• ePassport readers with automatic authenticity verification software;
• Specialized hardware and software for detailed examination of security features and processing of obtained images;
• Document reference systems with detailed description of passports, ID cards, other document

Find out more at: www.regula.lv


RPC Krypten


STAND L57 (3rd Floor)

RPC Krypten specializes on production of special security elements (diffractive optical variable devices) for security printing, labeling goods, accompanying papers, authenticity validation of manufactured products and documents with visual and technical control of its genuinity. Krypten produces self-adhesive security labels and holographic foil for hot-stamping; holographic laminates of cold and hot stamping, holographic overlays; security threads.        

Find out more at: www.krypten.ru



STAND J22 (3rd Floor)

ruhlamat is a leading provider of innovative machine systems for the production and personalization of ID cards, smart cards, passports, and ePassports. We develop and manufacture long-lasting and efficient machines at very competitive prices. Our state-of-the-art solutions achieve the highest quality standards, and combine flexibility, productivity, and security.

Find out more at: www.ruhlamat.de





STAND M23 (5th Floor)

SABIC offers polycarbonate (PC)-based film materials under the LEXAN™ SD film portfolio to help smart card, passport and eID manufacturers to integrate next-level security features against identity theft, counterfeiting and other serious threats. The company’s technology also allows for easier manufacturing at a low cost and greater flexibility.

Find out more at: www.sabic.com/sfs





STAND H19 (3rd Floor)

Incorporated in 1946 as one of the world's leading manufacturers specialising in both offset and screen press printing, Sakurai has built a reputation for quality and affordability over a period of 70 years. As the world's premier brand, Sakurai's fully automated cylinder screen press boosts the productivity of screen printing, and facilitates the printing of messages on virtually anything!                

Find out more at: www.sakuraiuk.co.uk


Schwarz Druck



STAND F17  (3rd Floor)   

Founded in 1898, Intergraf certified Schwarz Druck has become one of the leading companies in value and security printing technology worldwide, thorough its commitment to continuous improvements in technical excellence.

The company specializes in customized, secure, scalable and sustainable solutions for international governments, industries and cooperation partners and is located in Germany (Production Site and Headquarters), UK, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi.
Find out more at: www.schwarz-druck.de


Science Media Partners



Science Media Partners Ltd an innovative British publishing and events company owned by global events business Terrapinn. Its ethos is to provide exceptional events and editorial products with an emphasis on value and building long-term industry partnerships in the human identity sector. Science Media Partners is the owner of the SDW and connect:ID (www.connectidexpo.com) events, as well as the www.PlanetBiometrics.com and www.SecurityDocumentWorld.com news portals.

Find out more at: http://www.sdwexpo.com/sdw-conference/about-us/


secunet Security Networks                                                 SPONSOR


STAND E25 (3rd Floor)

secunet offers future-proof solutions that guarantee comprehensive protection of any electronic identity document along with reliable and efficient verification. secunet helps airports and governments to develop their own sustainable border control strategy and offers expertise and turn-key solutions, such as eGates and self-service kiosks, for implementing the Entry-Exit-System which becomes effective for all EU member states from 2020.

Find out more at: www.secunet.com


Security Foiling


STAND L33 (3rd Floor)

Trusted by governments to provide innovative security solutions since 1987.

We have 2000 hologram application installations in over 100 countries.

This year at SDW we will be launching the new MicroPOISE™ Roll-to-Roll secure hologram applicator.

You can see demonstrations of the Roll-to-Roll machine and the MicroPOISE™ MK3 on stand L33 throughout the show.

Videos of plastic card and sheet fed machines will also be available for viewing on stand.

Find out more at: www.securityfoiling.co.uk



Security Fibres UK Ltd


STAND L21 (3rd Floor)

For over 30 years we have been trusted by our customers to provide innovative security solutions.

Our planchettes, Rainbow Fibres, StarLites and security threads provide a highly effective deterrent to attempted counterfeiting and forgery of value documents.

Find out more at: www.securitypapers.co.uk



SPM- Security paper mill, a.s.



STAND J24  (3rd Floor)     

SPM – Security Paper Mill, member of Security Ident Group is located in Czech Republic. We have long-term tradition of security paper making. With own R&D and dandy roll production we are producing made-to–order security paper at your request.

Our paper is used for passports, tax stamps, certificates, transport tickets, postage stamps, cheques, vouchers and many other security documents.

Find out more at: www.securityidentgroup.com




STAND M69 (5th Floor)

With some of the best experts in the industry and 35 years of experience in over 35 countries, Signe is a specialist in developing security printing and digital solutions to protect valuable documents against counterfeiting and fraudulent modifications.

Our R&D and innovation department also offers Customized Solutions based on Blockchain technology, with very good acceptance in the market.

Find out more at: www.signe.es



Smith & Ouzman

STAND T47 (2nd Floor)

Smith & Ouzman has been at the leading edge of innovation in printing technology for over 150 years, providing governments, institutions and businesses worldwide with secure documents that protect against counterfeiting and forgery. It is the process of security printing that ensures documents are protected against attacks from the criminal world.

Find out more at: www.smith-ouzman.com 


Smithers Pira



STAND L17 (3rd Floor)

Smithers Pira provides specialist testing, evaluation and accreditation services for secure documents, security papers and printed products. We are experts in the evaluation of ePassports, driver's licences, bank cards and ID cards. Our support also includes UKAS ISO 17025 accredited physical and durability testing, advice on standards and end-user requirements.

Find out more at: www.smitherspira.com


Speed Identity


STAND G15 (3rd Floor)

Speed Identity is a leading global provider of high performance biometric enrollment and data capture solutions. Speed Identity pioneered live biometric enrollment in the early 2000. To date Speed Identity has successfully delivered thousands of systems to more than 120 countries worldwide. Customers include government departments and agencies such as ministries of foreign affairs, ministries of interior, law enforcement agencies, tax agencies, road authorities and immigration agencies.

Find out more at: www.speed-identity.com


SPS subsidiary of IN GROUPE


STAND B14 (3rd Floor)

Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS) is a global leader in reliable technologies involving contactless and dual-interface smart cards, and a leading provider of high-quality inlays for ePassports. Based in Rousset (Bouches-du-Rhône, France) and supported by approximately 90 staff, the company is focused on markets for electronic ID and banking cards. Its market offering is based on an unrivalled proprietary patented technology (a portfolio of more than 120 patents) that it provides for large end-customers, including governments, national printing houses and smart card manufacturers etc.
Find out more at: www.s-p-s.com


Stardust Materials


STAND M17 (5th Floor)

Stardust is a brand protection and anti-counterfeiting R&D company specializing in the development of optically active ceramics for use in overt and covert security features, including latent images and invisible barcodes. Stardust also designs and customizes its sensor technologies to enhance track and trace functionality and interlock existing electronic devices.

Find out more at: www.stardust.com





Stand E15 (3rd Floor)

ST is a global semiconductor leader delivering intelligent and energy-efficient products and solutions that power the electronics at the heart of everyday life. ST’s products are found everywhere today, and together with our customers, we are enabling smarter driving and smarter factories, cities and homes, along with the next generation of mobile and Internet of Things devices.

Find out more at: www.st.com




STAND L79 (3rd Floor)

Suprema Inc. is a global leader providing state-of-the art technology and products in biometrics and ID solutions. The company is a major supplier of ePassport readers and FBI-certified single, dual, 10-print finger (4+4+2), and Palmprint fingerprint scanners for immigration control, criminal and civil ID systems, as well as fingerprint modules and PC solutions. Suprema has a worldwide sales network in over 125 countries, and is also a listed company on the South Korean stock exchange (KOSDAQ).

Find out more at: www.suprema-id.com




STAND F21 (3rd Floor)

Global reference in the field of security, SURYS offers a meticulously crafted range of optical and digital solutions to authenticate and track & trace documents and products. Trustily selected by governments, central banks and corporations, SURYS begins with science, a limitless source of fundamental and incorruptible foundations and manage the journey to confidence for SURYS clients’ success.

Find out more at: www.surys.com or https://blog.surys.com/



Toppan Printing Co., Ltd


STAND T37   

Since its foundation in 1900, Toppan has been providing its worldwide customers with highly secured anti-counterfeit solutions for banknotes, passports and ID cards using unique technology developed in-house. With group sales of ?13 billion and over 50,000 employees, we can offer both stability and unsurpassed access to a wealth of technology to protect your documents.            

Find out more at: www.toppan.co.jp


TROY Group, Inc.


STAND L13 (3rd Floor)

TROY is an international leader of secure on-demand printing solutions that streamline secure printing environments. Specializing in software, hardware and consumables for securely printing valuable documents that prevent fraud and comply with document security regulations, TROY is the only company worldwide authorized to enhance HP products for secure printing applications.

Find out more at: www.troygroup.com


TruTag Technologies

STAND M61 (5th Floor)

TruTag Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in product identification and quality assurance. TruTag offers a field-readable on-product and in-package security solution that provides companies with batch-level product intelligence for an effective and efficient means securing their supply chains against counterfeiting and diversion.

Find out more at: www.trutags.com


Tullis Russell



STAND D15 (3rd Floor)

An employee owned, speciality coating company, supplying high security printers with trusecurity® paper and film products designed specifically for use in visa, certification documents, postage stamp, tax stamp, pressure-sensitive products and many other anti-counterfeit and tamper evident applications.

With over 175 years' experience, Tullis Russell has developed an outstanding reputation, supplying over 140 countries throughout the world.

Find out more at: www.tullisrussell.com





Unilux has more than 55 years of experience in designing and manufacturing inspection lighting systems for papermaking, printing, converting, and packaging industries. Solutions range from handheld stroboscopes for spot checks, maintenance and troubleshooting to stationary systems capable of inspecting the entire width of the web (up to 12m) – in white and UV visible version.

Find out more at: www.unilux.com


UPM Raflatac


STAND G27 (3rd Floor)

UPM Raflatac is labeling a smarter future by developing innovative and sustainable labeling solutions with world-class service. One of the world’s leading producers of self-adhesive label materials, we supply high-quality paper and film labelstock for consumer product and industrial labeling through a global network of factories, terminals and sales offices.

Find out more at:  www.upmraflatac.com




STAND G25 (3rd Floor)

Vacuumatic are market leaders in counting technology for the security printing industry.

We are a solution provider with over 65 years of experience in this field with a wide range of machines, technology and options, to count Security Paper, Polymer & Plastics, Bank Notes, Credit Cards, Tax Stamps etc.

Find out more at: www.vacuumatic.com





STAND L77 (3rd Floor)

VTT Germany is the leading manufacturer of lamination plates for the production of governmental security documents (passports, ID-cards, driving licenses) for more than 20 years. Surfaces with raised/inlaying security features (MLI-/CLI-lenses, guilloche patterns, Fly-Eye Technology, moveID etc.) enable the documents to become forgery-proof. VTT Passport Lamination Plate Technology is perfect for the production of the data page of the new ePassport.

Find out more at: www.vtt.de


WorldReach Software


STAND T25   

Since 1993, WorldReach Software has been helping ensure traveller safety and security worldwide through its systems for government immigration, passport, border management and consular organizations. WorldReach supplies secure eID/Travel Document issuance, remote identity verification services and consular software, including best practices and the Know Your Traveller™ (KYT) innovative platform/processes.   

Find out more: www.worldreach.com




STAND L65 (3rd Floor)

X Infotech is a global provider and integrator of software solutions for electronic identity documents and smart cards. The company helps governments, local document producers and banks to implement eID and smart card programs, providing the IT infrastructure and empowering them to take full control of their projects and businesses.

Find out more at: www.x-infotech.com





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